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Raise the Standard of WA FIFO Camps

March 21, 2023 1:17 pm

The Western Mine Workers Alliance has raised the alarm on camp standards across the Pilbara iron ore industry.

In our survey of over 700 FIFO mineworkers, three-quarters rated their camp as poor and there was near universal support for minimum standards across the industry.

The WA Government is consulting with unions and industry about what minimum standards should be in place.

Based on your feedback and a review of industry best practice, we have identified priority areas.

We are asking you to review and endorse our vision for a Code of Practice for WA FIFO Camp Standards, so that we can advocate for change.

Pledge your support for a Code of Practice for WA FIFO Camp Accommodation and Security.

Sign the Pledge for a Code of Practice


Feedback from members shows that most workers in the Pilbara are living in camps that are substandard in one or more important areas.

The Western Australian Government’s Code of Practice for Mentally healthy workplaces for fly­in-fly-out workers in the resources and construction sector and its response to the Enough is Enough parliamentary committee report on sexual harassment against women in the FIFO mining industry have both referenced the need to design worker accommodation to reduce stress on workers and improve safety and security.

We met the WA Government in July last year to raise the issue of developing a Code of Practice for WA FIFO Camp Accommodation and Security.

The WA Resources Minister has directed WHS commission and Mining and Petroleum Advisory Committee IMAPAC] to consider development of a Code.

WMWA has a seat on MAPAC and is advocating for development of a FIFO Camp Code in the interests of our members. Taking into account member feedback, we have developed the areas to be covered by a camp code.

We know the mine and camp operators will push back – but with your support we will work with the WA Government to ensure the Code is developed and implemented as soon as possible.

You deserve to have your living conditions in camp backed up by legislated minimum industry standards in areas like food, recreation, safety and access to medical facilities. 

Be a part of our community.

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