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The WMWA was established in 2013 to bring together the country’s two biggest mining Unions, the Australian Workers’ Union, and the CFMEU – Mining & Energy Division. The alliance plays a vital role in campaigning to improve the working lives of the workers employed by the world’s largest iron ore miners, in their Pilbara operations.

Expert Advice and Representation When You Need It

Your WMWA organisers are Pilbara based and provide expert advice and representation on your workplace rights when you need it. Our organising team is backed by the legal expertise of the nation’s two largest mining Unions, the AWU and MEU. Union fees are $18 per week – that’s less than what you might pay for your daily morning coffees over a week – and are 100% tax-deductible.
AS a WMWA member, you receive:

  • Representation for industrial, disciplinary matters and confidential advice.
  • Journey cover to and from work.
  • Income protection through wage protect
  • Enterprise Agreement negotiation.
  • Discounted personal income protection
  • Workers’ Compensation legal advice and assistance.
  • Representation and support in WHS matters.
  • Free will kit from partnered Law firms.
  • Bereavement Payments.
  • Discounted Home Loans and banking services.
  • Representation for unfair dismissal cases and recovery of underpayments.
  • Discounted shopping through Campbells Wholesale, UnionShopper and Shoprite.
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