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Silica Dust Kills

October 14, 2022 2:18 pm


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Sign the petition to support WMWA’s campaign in protecting workers from the deadly silicosis

WMWA needs your help to protect the 600,000 Australian workers who are breathing in silica dust every single day.

Workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica (silica dust) in mines, quarries, road and tunnel construction projects, in the manufacture of cement and concrete and excavating.

Our safety standards and their enforcement in Australia are so shameful that even workers in the USA and Mexico have better protection from silica dust.


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WMWA is calling for a national regulation setting out minimum benchmarks to protect workers in every affected industry, with tough penalties for employers who fail to comply.

We also need a compensation fund, backed by employers and industry, to help provide financial relief to workers (and their families) diagnosed with silica related disease, and who are struggling to return to work, and are adjusting to life with the devastating impact of their lung disease.

The Federal Government is working on reforms right now, and we must ensure that they cover ALL workers who are exposed to this deadly dust.

Sign the petition to support WMWA in protecting workers from deadly silicosis.


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