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Sam Air: WMWA Member

October 25, 2022

Sam is long standing WMWA member, Sam has been diagnosed with a serious disease, below is an extract from Sam’s GoFundMe page. You can donate to Sam here.

Every so often in this life you come across some truely special people. The giver’s of the world. The people extending their hands to to give others a hand up not for a hand out. If you’re really lucky these people become your closest friends. Sam and Zoe are two of these people. They are more then that really, to me they are family and god parents to two of our Yinhawangka children.


Between them they have given of their time, skills, talents and passion to so many people. From sharing their music with lots of communities to mentoring and teaching music in our prison system. Coaching youth Tball even when they no longer had children playing Tball. Working on SES and fighting bush fires not only where they lived but flying over east when they had their big bush fires as well.


Opening their home to provide accommodation to Yinhawangka artist performing in Paraburdoo for NAIDOC week. Helping organise and run a memorial for a much loved Yinhawangka Elder for the broader community in Paraburdoo who couldn’t travel to his funeral but wanted to honour a man who had touched so many of their lives. The list really is endless for these guys.


So often people like this find it difficult to reach out for help when they are in need so I’m doing it for them and I hope you all will help me by sharing this and donating whatever you are able, every dollar counts.


2 years ago Sam was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy and needed to leave Paraburdoo to be close to the city hospitals. Sam needed a Kidney transplant. His family went through all the required testing but sadly were not a match. During this time Sam’s health deteriorated rapidly. He lost over 40kg, his kidney function got worse and worse until it stopped working completely. Treatment was also difficult as Sam’s body did not respond well to to the dialysis the Doctors put him on. He was having to do this 4 times a day. They then changed the type of dialysis and he did better on this one but it required lots of hours going in for treatment.


As you can imagine this was very scary for Sam, Zoe, their children, extended family and friends. When the time came for their daughter Maddy’s 21’st they were looking forward to celebrating her and made what was a difficult trip given Sam’s health at the time at visit her and make a speech at her party. Upon just arriving they got the call that their might be a kidney and to get back to the hospital right away. So they left and headed back.


Unfortunately this kidney was not to be and they missed their beloved daughters 21’st.
A few months later the blessing of a kidney came to fruition and the surgery was successful. As most of you know that is not the end of the road. Sam has a long road of rehabilitation, anti rejection drugs and medical appointments ahead. During this process he has lost a great deal of muscle mass, his immune system is almost non existent and recovery is going to take quite some time.


As you can imagine all of this is expensive.


Zoe couldn’t work as Sam needed a full time career. They have used all their savings, sold their car and cut back on everything. These two people who have given to many people for decades need our help. We all know the cost of living is huge right now. I can’t imagine how hard it is with the huge medical expenses they have had and not being able to work.


So I am asking everyone to please help. They are about the most worthy people I know. If I was wealthy it would take less then a heartbeat for me to give whatever they need. I can’t do it on my own for them but together with your help we can take some of the financial pressure of.


Please donate to Sam at his GoFundMe here

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